Conceptual Diary

Woop, another post - i'm on a roll, righto heres just a few pieces of work i've worked on past and present, mucking about with photoshop and a bit of photography...

Booyeah! This stuff is good fun, mucking about in photshop with snazzy layouts, collecting afew artists and using some photographs from back from down south (London!~). So yeah this is bascially afew pages from a diary showing artists work I like, aswell as a bit of architecture... fun times!

This next bit is a bit of my A Level coursework, over the years i've kinda been more influenced by artists and the hole 'urban' thing on the go these days, we had to do a small lil project on London Zoo bascially a few poster designs, so after a few months and awesome visits to london zoo (even back then when I was 18/19 that place is awesome, screw getting drunk and falling down stairs... zoo's the place to go) - Anyway! this is just a small snippit of one of my finals I produced.

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  1. hey there. Really like your 'conceptual diary', I would really like to see some more of your page layouts.