Blogs up! Booyeah

Right this is a bit weird, i'm into the webdesign jazz, but never really got into or wanted to ;) 'blogging', purely because i cant be bothered to read or type out long paragraphs about myself! :o), so this is gna be a first... I'll link this blog with my designs4u.org, which started in 2004/05 as a small little web design and graphics company, after afew little jobs here and there I decided to make it just my own portfolio, which unfortunately I haven't really updated in awhile, now with this blogging business I think i'll have to :)..

So bascially on here ill just show a few of my works over the years, and talk about the world of design from my view, and how my university course in graphics design is going,

.... So there it is a small little introduction and my first post, lets hope I keep it up~

Peace JFR.

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