Fedrigoni Calander 2011

For a design brief in third year, I created a 3D Tree which is built from a template. This is a desk tree which can be used in the office at home, and when light hits the tree the fedrigoni logo appears on the surface behind (due to the laser cut logo) this helps promote during the summer months aswell as being a pratical calandar to use. A brief set by The Design Project in Leeds - will now be publitised in the near future.

Book Project

2nd year submission for book project, including an array of designs from different areas


Max Brenner rebrand

Home Page for MaxBrenner.co.uk

Store Page for MaxBrenner.co.uk

Pictures from the Max Brenner website rebrand for a 2nd year University Group Project (colour co-ordinated)

Colour Adverts to advertise Max Brenners launch in the UK
These were the first version of adverts I designed for our group project, carrying on the theme from the website using colour as a main theme.
Example of an advert being used in Manchester