Photoshop - Intro to Digital Final

My Intro to digital final piece, this is my Photoshop final piece, Illustrator and InDesign will follow, as they are .pdf at the moment, I need to convert them into JPGs to upload them! :o)


Conceptual Diary

Woop, another post - i'm on a roll, righto heres just a few pieces of work i've worked on past and present, mucking about with photoshop and a bit of photography...

Booyeah! This stuff is good fun, mucking about in photshop with snazzy layouts, collecting afew artists and using some photographs from back from down south (London!~). So yeah this is bascially afew pages from a diary showing artists work I like, aswell as a bit of architecture... fun times!

This next bit is a bit of my A Level coursework, over the years i've kinda been more influenced by artists and the hole 'urban' thing on the go these days, we had to do a small lil project on London Zoo bascially a few poster designs, so after a few months and awesome visits to london zoo (even back then when I was 18/19 that place is awesome, screw getting drunk and falling down stairs... zoo's the place to go) - Anyway! this is just a small snippit of one of my finals I produced.

So, what is Designs4u ?

Designs4u was just a little thing being a bit of a keeno teenager I wanted to get into web design, layout graphics etc etc... so just learning web design and layout design I learnt a bit of HTML/PHP and rustled up a site, just so it's easier to give someone the web address then printing off a load pages for a c.v. :o( - but yeah bascially its just a collection of work i've done in the past and something I really wana continue while i'm at university~!

Blogs up! Booyeah

Right this is a bit weird, i'm into the webdesign jazz, but never really got into or wanted to ;) 'blogging', purely because i cant be bothered to read or type out long paragraphs about myself! :o), so this is gna be a first... I'll link this blog with my, which started in 2004/05 as a small little web design and graphics company, after afew little jobs here and there I decided to make it just my own portfolio, which unfortunately I haven't really updated in awhile, now with this blogging business I think i'll have to :)..

So bascially on here ill just show a few of my works over the years, and talk about the world of design from my view, and how my university course in graphics design is going,

.... So there it is a small little introduction and my first post, lets hope I keep it up~

Peace JFR.